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I bake with Non-GMO flour and sugars, pasture raised eggs, creamy European-style butter and soy-free gourmet chocolates. I believe that if the ingredient isn’t delicious enough to eat on its own, I don’t bake with it. 

Wildflower Honey Challah

Challah is a slightly sweet and ever-so fluffy egg bread. It is a staple on the Shabbat table every Friday night. Challah is traditionally braided in loaves and known for making the best French toast!

Challah Creations

Challah is best served slightly warm with butter and fruit preserves. It can be sliced for sandwiches or soaked in milk and made into French toast or bread pudding.

My challah is made in braided loaves. Sandwich loaves and rolls are also available.



“Little Twists” in Yiddish, rugelach are a flaky, butter and cream cheese cookie wrapped around sweet fillings. They are traditionally made with chocolate, fruit preserves and nuts, or cinnamon and sugar.


A decadent sweet yeast cake filled with chocolate or cinnamon sugar and topped with a brown sugar streusel or drizzled with a warm sugar syrup.

Babka Creations

Babka is best served slightly warm. It’s perfect for dessert or even at breakfast with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Babka makes an incredible bread pudding. The recipe is on my blog!

Holidays & Catering

I prepare special seasonal holiday bakes and catering orders for special occasions. Challah at me for special orders.

May I have Seconds, Please?

What People are Saying


You can taste the love that’s baked into every bite you take. Everything that I have tried from BubaLux has been mouth watering.

Claudia B.


I just had BubaLux pecan babka—it was amazing! That first bite! I highly recommend.

Amy T.

“Always a Win”

BubaLux is always a win! Allie takes traditional Jewish baked goods and puts a modern spin to them.

Pam B.

“I Love It”

When I know a BubaLux pop-up is in my future, I think about the challah all day long. 

Allyson W.

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Pumpkin Apple Challah French Toast

Pumpkin Apple Challah French Toast

Undeniably one of the most popular breads for delicious, thick and fluffy French toast is Challah.Tastes Like A Memory Easy Like Sunday MorningThis recipe takes me back to my parent's home in Woodland Hills, CA on a brisk Sunday morning. The tea kettle is singing,...

Babka Bread Pudding

Babka Bread Pudding

It's hard to imagine there could be any leftover babka, right? Well, it's true! Sometimes we simply can't finish the entire full-size loaf. That's one reason I developed the BubaLux Babka which is a smaller version of the classic indulgence. But I digress. Today, I...

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